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Analysis of the development trend of wire and cable in China in recent years

15-06-2017Edit: Guangdong Dengfeng
With the development of science and technology and the rapid development of economy, the cable industry faces great challenges and opportunities in the traditional industry. The cable is praised as the "blood vessel" and "nerve" of the national economy". Wire and cable manufacturing industry is one of the largest supporting industries in the national economy, is the second largest industry machinery industry after the automotive industry, wire and cable products are widely used in energy, transportation, communications, automotive, petrochemical and other industries, the development of international and domestic macro economic situation, national economic policy, industrial policy and influence the development of related industries, and closely related to economic development. Let's make a brief analysis of the development trend of wire and cable in China in recent years.
In recent years, the global demand for metal insulated cables has shown a trend of growth. In 2008 the global metal insulated cable demand reached 14 million 700 thousand tons, affected by the financial crisis in 2009 7.7% year-on-year decline, the level before the market demand in 2010 to restore the financial crisis in 2015, the global metal wire and cable insulation reached 17 million 140 thousand tons, an increase of 1.8%, China's wire and cable production and sales of the first in the world.
While the overall market scale of wire and cable industry has steadily expanded, the development of enterprises within the industry has shown a polarization feature. Along with the rising cost of production, significant fluctuations in copper prices and market competition, the cable industry's leading enterprises with the brand, technology, capital and management advantages, continue to promote the research and development of new products, expanding new market growth, focus on the development of environmental protection, city rail transit cable cable, new energy cable, flame resistant cable and special cable.
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