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What are the aspects of wire cables?

27-06-2017Edit: Guangdong Dengfeng
  With the development of the society, wire and cable industry is the important basic industry of national economy, widely used in the national economy departments, for the industry, national defense construction and major construction projects to provide important form a complete set, is the foundation of modern economic and social functioning, and People's Daily life indispensable product.
  The quality and safety of electric cables is closely related to our vital interests and security. Therefore, you should pay attention to the four aspects when selecting the cable cable:
  The choice of wire and cable type
  When choosing power lines and cables, the purpose of the use is to be considered, and the conditions and safety of the installation shall be considered. For example, depending on the use, the electric cable, the overhead insulation cable, the control cable, etc. According to the different conditions of laying conditions, it is possible to choose ordinary plastic insulated cable, steel tape armored cable, steel wire armored cable, anti-corrosion cable, etc. According to the safety requirement, can choose not to delay combustion cable, flame retardant cable, no halogen fire retardant cable, fire resistant cable etc.
  The choice of cable and cable specifications
  Wire and cable used specification (conductor cross section), the general should consider fever, voltage loss, economic current density, mechanical strength, etc. The selection criteria. According to experience, the low pressure power line is due to the high load current, so it usually selects the cross section according to the heating condition and then calculates the voltage loss and mechanical strength. Low voltage lighting line because of its high voltage level, it can select the cross section by means of the allowable voltage loss, and then calculate the heating condition and mechanical strength. For high-voltage lines, the cross section of the economic current density is selected, then the heating conditions and the allowable voltage loss are checked. High voltage overhead lines should also be checked for mechanical strength.
  3, the use of wire cables
  The product usage feature is detailed in the specific product description.
  Installation and construction of wire cables
  Wire and cable laying installation design and construction shall be in accordance with the GB 50217-94 "electric power cable design code" and other relevant provisions, and adopt the necessary cable accessories (terminal and connector). The operation quality, safety and reliability of the power supply system are not only related to the quality of the cable itself, but also related to the quality of the cable accessories and the construction quality of the line. In addition to the design and construction of the specifications, the following questions should be noted:
  1, cable laying, installation should be carried out by a qualified professional unit or professionals, they do not conform to the requirements of the relevant rules of construction and installation, could lead to a cable system can not run normally.
  When laying the cable of human being, we should control the rhythm of the command, each 1.5 ~ 3 meters with one shoulder to carry the cable, and put the side of the cable slowly.
  3, mechanical casting cable, generally adopts special cable laying machine is equipped with necessary drawing tools, traction, control proper size uniform, so as not to damage the cable.
  4, before casting cable, to check whether the cable appearance and head is intact, pay attention to the direction of rotation of cable, when casting don't squashed or scratch the cable outer sheath, low temperature in winter when do not break way to straight cable, so as to avoid insulation, sheath craze.
  The bending radius of the cable should be greater than the fixed value. After the cable laying before installation, measured with 1000 v megohmmeter cable insulation resistance between the conductor is normal, and according to the cable specifications, length and different as the result of the measurement of the ambient temperature properly modified, small specification (below 10 m ㎡ solid core conductor) should also be measured conductor cable is on and off.
  6, cable, such as directly buried must pay attention to the soil condition, general building under the embedding depth of cable should be no less than 0.3 meters, a soft or surrounding environment more complex, such as cultivated land, building construction site or road, must have certain embedding depth (0.7 ~ 1 m), in case of accidental damage from buried cable should be erected sign when necessary.
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